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Focusing on creating cross border opportunities between companies in the US and Russia. Russia having vast national resources, an impressive domestic market, balanced labor costs and skills and a solid telecommunications infrastructure is an attractive market for those seeking to explore financial and real estate partnership opportunities.   Nafta Consulting LLC was created to prepare and provide consulting services for those businesses and companies who wish to conduct business in Russia.  We offer tailor made solutions for those businesses searching to expand their investments into the Russian market.  We facilitate the process of securing contracts, licenses, governmental authorizations and other assistance required to conduct business in Russia.

Nafta Services

Nafta Consulting LLC offers consulting services within the Oil & Gas industries, focusing on creating cross border opportunities between companies in the US and Russia. We make introductions and facilitate transactions between American and Russian businesses. We know the processes, details and technical issues involved in conducting international business in the oil and gas industry within Russia. The ability to assist clients in navigating the bureaucracies, cultural hurdles, licensing issues and government authorizations can make the difference between a successful and lucrative deal, or a complete non-starter.

 About Nafta Consulting

Simon Kukes, CEO

Simon Kukes, previously the CEO and General Director of CJSC Samara-Nafta, leads his clients through the changes and limitations required by U.S. regulations for investment and business operations in Russia capitalizing on his ties to the Russian market in general and to the oil industry in particular.  Simon was voted one of the Top 10 Central European Executives by the Wall Street Journal Europe and in 2003 named by The Financial Times and PricewaterhouseCoopers as one of the 64 most respected business leaders in the world.  He currently holds more than 130 patents and has published more than 60 scientific papers. Nafta Consulting LLC was created so that Simon’s executive and management experience, his multidiscipline educational background in chemical engineering, chemistry and physics and his vast international business experience in the oil and gas industry could be a provident and broad base resource for investment and international opportunities in Russia and other foreign countries associated with the former U.S.S.R.

In The News

Nafta Consulting LLC’s CEO, Simon Kukes, was recently highlighted in the article Russian-born Oil Magnate Give Big to Trump Victory. The article highlights Mr. Kukes’s contributions to President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign for President of the United States, Mr. Kukes’s current role as CEO of Nafta Consulting LLC, and several of Mr. Kukes’s connections with the Russian oil industry. The article was picked up by several media outlets including International Business Times and The Huffington Post.

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